Being the world’s best or worst at anything is a pretty incredible feat. I mean, there are over seven billion people on the planet, so the odds are pretty astounding.

But just imagine being the world’s fattest boy on the planet… Especially if the implications of being that meant that you could barely move an inch.

Well, according to his parents, the situation got so bad (I mean, it literally couldn’t have gotten any worse) that they needed to take action.

Thankfully, turns out that their efforts made all the difference. Now their son, formerly the world’s fattest boy, who had weighed an astonishing 420 lbs since the age of 10, has lost an incredible amount of weight. 

And his primary motivation for his weight loss? So that he could do what other boys his age do with ease – play with his friends.

The boy’s name is Arya Permana, he is from Indonesia and he lost 168 lbs when it became clear that if he didn’t, he would be bedridden for the rest of his life. And after being unable to sit, walk or play due to his extraordinarily large size, the 12-year-old can finally play badminton again.

There was a time when Arya just wouldn’t stop piling on the pounds. In fact, it got so severe that his family could no longer find clothes big enough to fit him. In fact, the only item of clothing suitable for his size was a sarong.

To learn more about the extremity of his situation, watch the video below:

Sadly, the boy was never able to attend school, as simply walking to class was not something that was possible for him.