When you possess one of the world’s most famous faces it can be hard to join the modern dating game. Tinder is strictly off limits and so is hooking up with someone you meet in a bar. Once both of these potential avenues have been closed off, you’re left with few options.

This is a conundrum that Prince Harry faced 18 months ago.

Of course, he could have dated someone his father had set him up with, but when your dad is heir to the British throne, it’s safe to conclude that his taste is a little on the “conservative” side.

Old school friends were not an option considering he’d been educated at all boys schools.

And his career also didn’t throw much into the mix, having spent a large portion of his youth in the British army, a notoriously male-dominated environment.

So where was the ‘Playboy Prince’ supposed to find his soul mate? Would it be frowned upon to date a friend of Kate Middleton? Or, go one further and date her sister, Pippa? (How good would that have been!?)

Harry’s struggle to find love concerned those close to him. Having dated a string of blonde beauties, it was assumed that Harry had a ‘type’, which ultimately saw him be linked to blonde stars such as Ellie Goulding and Mollie King.

“Harry was having a really hard time finding anyone,” a “well-placed source” told E! News. “It’s hard enough finding someone new to date. He can hardly go on Tinder or a dating app like normal people, but to meet someone that you actually connect with, that was proving to be almost impossible.”