The human body is amazing, but unfortunately, some of Mother Nature’s quirks can blight people’s lives. While a lot of people are born with a birthmark, few know what it’s like to have a large proportion of their face covered by a huge mole.

But one person who does is 23-year-old Xiao Yan, who has been forced to have four egg-sized balloons inserted into her face.

Xiao has a rare genetic condition known as a congenital melanocytic nevus, which affects one percent of all babies in the world.

Growing up, she accepted that her face was always going to be different, but doctors began to fear for her health when she complained that the mole was hurting – something which indicated that it had the potential to turn into a malignant tumor in the future.

Doctors subsequently told the 23-year-old and her family that they had to take action before it was too late.

However, the treatment that removing the mole involved, which is taking place at the Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital in eastern China, meant that Xiao’s condition had to deteriorate to get better.

In order to save Xiao’s life, doctors inserted egg-sized balloons into her face so that her skin can be stretched enough to successfully remove it. This is being done so that the area removed by the mole can be replaced with skin from elsewhere on her face.