Finding out a partner has cheated on you can seriously destroy your self-worth. It makes you second-guess absolutely everything about yourself as you wonder what it was that made them stray. “Do they no longer find me attractive?” You’ll inevitably ask yourself. “Did I bore them?”

It’s especially difficult if the relationship was long-term. It’s difficult because the sense of trust you will naturally have developed over time is completely crushed by your other half’s betrayal. However, while being cheated on is pretty damn hurtful, each and every one of us is capable of taking something positive out of the experience.

Skeptical? Well, read on to get all the proof you need.

Twenty-six-year-old Dwayne O’Connor from Derby was one of the many heartbroken people from around the world whose partner betrayed him. Unfortunately, he began to seriously doubt himself after learning that his girlfriend of four years had cheated.

“It all started five years ago, I was a young man in a long-term relationship,” he told the Daily Mail“I was working as a local fitness instructor, I also played basketball regularly and lifted weights three times a week just to keep myself healthy and look decent.”

“My relationship was four years old at this point but just like most love stories it ended in heartbreak,” he continued. “I came to realize my partner was having an affair and once I confronted her about the situation she posted her keys through the door and said it was over.”

The end of the relationship hit Dwayne really hard – his confidence and self-esteem had been undermined seemingly beyond repair. He began to lack the energy or desire to do the things he had previously gotten enjoyment out of. He stopped playing basketball and going to the gym (aside from when he went in for his shifts.)