The Harry Potter franchise is a phenomenon. Penned by a then single penniless mother J.K. Rowling in an Edinburgh café, it became one of the biggest successes in literary history, with the first big screen adaptation thrusting a number of child stars into the limelight.

One of these stars was Matthew Lewis who, despite being a dorky child, grew into one of the series’ most handsome stars. 

The first Harry Potter movie was released in 2001 when Matthew was just 12 years old. Now 28, the English actor has opened up about what it was like growing up on the set of a series of movies that will inevitably enchant generations to come.

Growing up is a difficult time, so us Average Joes can only imagine what it was like to experience puberty in the limelight. Your hormones are running riot, and it’s inevitable that you will begin developing a crush on at least one of your peers.

Check out this video below where Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton give a tour of a reconstruction of Diagon Alley in Florida:

Since the cast of Harry Potter spent most of their formative years together, more than one of the young actors developed a crush on another cast member. Now, Matthew has spilled the beans on a certain young actress who held a special place in his heart for years.