Warning: These pictures are not for the faint of heart! But I guarantee you’ll still look…

Somehow when we see something absolutely disgusting we just can’t help but stare at it and want to show it to everyone else. It’s a bit like how so many start recording natural disasters on their cell phones and post the footage on social media, instead of getting the hell out of there and surviving. What can I say? It must be in our genes.

Well, now it’s our time to ruin your day. Here are 16 stomach-churning pictures that will totally keep you up at night:

1. When you shower before eating breakfast

Hmm… I wonder what flavor it was.

2. When the soap wasn’t filling enough

It might look like chocolate, but it ain’t taste like chocolate.

3. Toothpicks are for teeth

I feel pain just looking at this one!

4. Grilled or extra crispy?

A magnificent piece of peeled off skin from a sunburn. Definitely looks extra crispy.

If you thought that little piece of skin was gross, wait until you see number 5!