Sex is an important part of any relationship. In fact, most couples get it on at least a few times before deciding to make it ‘official’ with each other. It’s important to try before you buy. After all, no one wants to commit to a person with a bizarre fetish that they’re unable to satisfy.

Even when all the other parts of a relationship jigsaw fit seamlessly into place, if one party is bad in bed, it can create a rift. One of the biggest perks of being in a relationship is that you can have regular sex, so it’s important that you’re not left frustrated by your otherwise perfect partner.

1. Sometimes you need to change for your partner

When it comes to getting frisky, a little change can help make a relationship perfect. This guy might want to hit the gym.

2. Once again, consideration is key

If one partner leaves the other feeling sexually frustrated, they’re more likely to look elsewhere.

3. Communication is essential in any relationship

Without it, resentment can build – especially in the bedroom.

Are you worried that you’re not measuring up in the sack? Check out this video below to discover the tell-tale signs that you’re a bad lover:

It’s important to remember that when it comes to getting down and dirty, every couple is different. The main thing is that both people in the relationship are satisfied, otherwise, it might be time to call it a day because you’re simply not sexually compatible.