After the chaos of 2017, psychics came forward en masse to give their predictions for the year to follow.

There seemed to be an unspoken collective agreement that 2018 would be bleaker than the tumultuous year which preceded it. Plagued by a peppering of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and assassinations of important figures, the predictions were a dramatic, fear-inducing nightmare.

Then the New Year dawned and for a brief moment everything was calm. But while the rest of the world were basking in the momentary media silence, the psychics were lying in wait for their doom and gloom to descend.

But even for those who claim to have prior knowledge of the year’s events couldn’t foresee how quickly the bad news would start rolling in. For example, psychic Jeanne Mayell, who predicted that the “political and environmental climate in the US gets more tumultuous” could hardly have anticipated the mass unrest that swept across the country when Trump called several developing countries “sh*tholes”.

But most alarmingly was the prediction which came from renowned psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker who claimed that “2018 will see unprecedented earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and ferocious weather.” This prediction was particularly concerning given that Hamilton-Parker had correctly foreseen Trump’s victory and Britain’s decision to leave the EU.