Despite the fact that we live in an advanced society with more than enough food and shelter to around, homelessness remains an epidemic. In the US alone, it has been estimated that there are more than half a million homeless people and a quarter of them are children.

Popular culture has stigmatized the homeless. Instead of helping them, many people assume that their situations are self-inflicted and that it is only addicts who end up on the street, forgetting that sickness and a number of other factors can lead to homelessness.

Check out the video below where a homeless man explains how Starbucks discriminated against him:

Without a permanent address, it is almost impossible for homeless people to land a job, and, as a result, many are forced to beg, or resort to illegal activities like prostitution. Failing to do so can, unfortunately, result in an untimely death for many homeless people.

In fact, every winter, a number of homeless people without shelter freeze to death.

Thankfully, kind-hearted people all over the world are attempting to solve this problem. Small acts of kindness can mean a lot to homeless people. They often feel invisible and sometimes simply talking to them can help them feel like human beings again.

A common act of kindness which people often give to homeless people is buying them something to eat. However, one good Samaritan was recently shamed for attempting to buy a homeless man a sandwich by a Starbucks barista in the most shocking way possible.