Every good designer will make careful planning and precision a priority as far as their work is concerned. And that’s because whatever they are designing will most likely be seen by the general public.

However, the designers responsible for the following epic fails clearly don’t give a damn about all that. Yep, they’ve managed to churn out some of the most poorly thought-out designs ever seen – and there have been a lot!

So without further ado, here are the most outrageous design fails you won’t believe actually exist:

1. What child wants to be equipped with a pencil on their first day?

School is tough these days, and lead just doesn’t quite cut it.

2. Aren’t elevators supposed to simplify things?

I think I’d rather just take the stairs.

3. What’s a shared toilet between friends?

I wonder if it will catch on…

4. Discrimination against pedestrians is a legit thing

As if you needed any more incentive to start riding your bike…

While design fails can be pretty damn inconvenient, it’s still hilarious when people totally and utterly f*ck things up. But very few people f*ck things up to the extent that this next person did.