Millie Bobby Brown is absolutely everywhere right now. And as the cliche goes, if you haven’t at least heard the name Millie Bobby Brown, you must well and truly be living under a rock.

At the age of only 13, she has filmed two hugely successful seasons of the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. Since the show’s inception, she has captivated millions of people all over the world with her very moving portrayal of Eleven. Not to mention, some of her biggest fans include ultra-famous celebrities such as Blake Lively and Miley Cyrus.

Plus she has the likes of Drake fangirling over her, and even managed to get the rapper to be her plus one at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards.

And while it may seem like her life couldn’t get any more perfect, apparently, it could. According to reports, the young actress has started dating, and she seems to be happier than ever.

In fact, a seemingly excited Millie has now “gone public” on her relationship with the slightly older celebrity.

And yes, while it would be the icing on the cake if Millie and her Stranger Things love interest Finn Wolfhard were legitimately dating, this is apparently not the case.

Her supposed boyfriend isn’t even a fellow actor. No siree, her new bae is the one and only Jacob Sartorious, Viner/ extraordinaire.

And if you don’t know who the kid is, what he does and how he became famous, it has a little something to do with the popularity of a certain lip-syncing app, “”. Oh, and he also makes his own music.

The 15-year-old singer is also known for the kind of tweets he posts on Twitter; tweets that reveal what a true romantic he is.


As of yet, there is no conclusive evidence that the pair is actually together. But the following photo suggests otherwise.