There are few viral videos funnier than watching someone come round from general or local anesthetic. The powerful drug, which sedates the body before surgery, is proving popular with doctors in America who appear to dish it out rather frivolously to those unfortunate enough to require medical assistance.

Luckily we can laugh at the comical clips which continuously surface online. But for those close to the people that feature in the videos, it can be less than amusing.

Why? Because those under the influence of anesthetic often exhibit some very bizarre behavior when they start to rejoin the real world. There are those who become agitated, anxious about the who, what, where and when of their situation.

There are those who treat the hospital ward like their own personal stage, performing comical sketches where their clouded mind provides some interesting material. In addition, there are those who simply sleep through it all neglecting to give their friends and family some fun.

Someone who falls into the category of fun is Silvia Caswell’s husband who, despite sustaining a traumatic brain injury in 2013 requiring him to undergo regular tests and scans, is extremely entertaining when coming round from anesthetic – although, his wife might not think so.

As a groggy Caswell rouses from his drug-induced slumber he spots a woman at his bedside who takes his fancy. Despite being a married man he proceeds to make a move. “You look so hot,” he slurs, eyes firmly on the mystery woman.