By now, you have probably heard of the Google Arts and Culture app. Launched in December of last year, it’s been causing a sensation around the world, enabling people to find their doppelgänger in famous classical portraits – often with surprisingly accurate results.

We as a society are fascinated doppelgängers. The possibility that a nonbiological you could exist is not only bizarre, but scientists have said that it’s more likely than most of us realize. An assistant professor at Cornell University said to Live Science that there’s “only so much genetic diversity to go around” so they’re bound to occur.

While the Google Arts and Culture app is great when it works, some users have been gloriously trolled in their search for their doppelgänger. Here are 20 of the app’s most hilarious doppelgänger fails…

1. He’s probably been inspired to get a haircut after this…

And he’ll never look at his nose the same way again.

2. Well, they do say that the camera never lies

Let’s face it, this guy got off a lot easier than the one who got compared to a ceramic dong.

3. This app isn’t a good idea if you’re insecure

But if you’ve got a good sense of humor, knock yourself out.

4. Oh well, at least it’s not a penis

How this piece of art managed to get onto a portrait matching app is beyond me.

The doppelgänger feature, however, is not all that the Google Arts and Culture app does. It can also be used to take virtual tours of prominent museums and cultural sites, discover the stories behind famous artworks, and generally explore the world of art.