It’s no secret that the human body has evolved over time. Take a stroll down any self-respecting museum and you’ll find a section dedicated to human history, complete with some form of representation of our hairier, ape-like ancestors – better known as cavemen.

Living things evolve over time to better adapt to their environment. It’s what Darwin’s finches were all about. That means that us humans will continue to evolve to thrive in our modern world, and, as a result, some of our body parts will inevitably disappear in the future.

Here are 14 body parts that our descendants are unlikely to possess…

1. Body hair

While some forms of body hair serve a purpose (our eyelashes and eyebrows, for example, protect our eyes), most of the hair that we have elsewhere is now obsolete. Thanks to clothes, we don’t need any hair on our bodies to help keep us warm.

2. Extrinsic ear muscles

A lot of animals can move their ears – like rabbits and dogs. Well, us humans are built to be able to do it too. That’s why we’ve got extrinsic ear muscles, but since there’s no need for us to actually move our ears, evolution will eventually take these muscles away.

3. Male nipples

When we are just fetuses in our mother’s womb, we are genderless until we are seven weeks old. That’s why men have nipples. However, given that men are unable to produce milk, they serve no purpose, so it’s only a matter of time before Mother Nature takes them away.

A little-known fact about human evolution is that, just like monkeys, we used to have tails. In fact, when we are still in the womb, we still do, but they eventually form into what’s known as our tailbone. We lost our tails when we began to walk upright.