Earlier this week, the American President made yet another blunder when he was reported to have called Haiti and several African countries “sh**hole countries”, and that he wants more immigrants from places like Norway instead.

The alleged comment is blatantly racist, considering that the citizens of Haiti and the countries of Africa are predominately black, while those who live in Norway are nearly all white. In fact, only 16% of Norway’s population is comprised of immigrants, and most of those are from other white, European countries.

However, not even Norway was pleased to hear Donald Trump’s favoritism toward the country. Many prominent Norwegian figures and journalists are speaking out. One reporter, speaking to CNN, stated, “I can tell you we’re not flattered, but offended by the President’s eagerness to have us emigrate.”

And why would they emigrate? Norwegians have a longer life expectancy, report being happier than Americans, and have access to universal health care, while United States citizens do not.

However, this isn’t the first time Norweigan’s have been positively discriminated for their race. It previously happened during WWII and no one should be eager to revisit those extremely racist times.

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