We live in a world where appearances are valued (and criticized) more than ever. Gone are the days when you could escape society’s impossible beauty standards at home, now, because of technology, we’re constantly surrounded by images of ‘beautiful’ people.

This can have a detrimental impact on our self-esteem, especially if were are already going through a hard time. But thanks to Goar Avetisyan, an incredibly talented Russian makeup artist, many women have had a glow up that’s been more than just physical.

Avetisyan is renowned around the world for her makeup artistry which she uses to help people who want more than just a makeover. She uses her creativity to help people see the beauty in themselves, transforming them mentally as well physically.

Many women turn to Avetisyan because they want the confidence to overcome challenges in their lives and the transformations they make are truly inspiring. Here are 20 examples of women who’ve had their faith in themselves restored…

1. Julia needed help battling cancer

She went straight to the hospital to kick its a*s after her transformation.

2. Her skin had always bothered her

Now she’s seen how truly beautiful she is.

3. She felt tired and haggard

But she looked and felt like a movie star after her makeover.

4. Vlada needed a confidence boost after 15 eye surgeries

And Avetisyan was more than happy to help!

Many people face criticism for wearing makeup. However, it’s clear from these pictures that it can have an immeasurable impact on a person’s confidence, especially if they are going through medical treatment which can alter their appearance.