It looks like two girls from Hawaii found the real-life version the Moana character Maui, and guess what? He works at Costco! He’s a cashier and goes by the name William Va’ana.

We have to admit, William does have a striking resemblance to the Moana demi-god, voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the movie. It turns out eight-year-old Ryley and her sister five-year-old Rylyn thought so, too.

The girls were shopping with their mom when one of them spotted William at the cash register and insisted that he must be Maui. The younger sister starts chanting Maui’s name and quickly gets William’s attention.

The Moana movie took the world by storm when Disney released it back in 2016, so it’s no wonder the girls were so excited when they believed they were about to meet one of the main characters. William had the sweetest reaction to the attention and best of all it was recorded for all to see!