The world is a large place, so it’s hardly surprising that certain elements of it are duplicated. But what is quite alarming to see is the unlikely places in which doppelgangers and lookalikes appear, something that the following pictures eerily prove.

In fact, as you scroll through the weird but wonderful coincidences of the world, you’ll be aware that somewhere out there is someone or something that looks freakishly similar to you – with 7.4 billion people in the world, there could be multiple people that have a few identical characteristics!

But, before you go hunting for your long lost twin, take a look at this bizarre matches for some inspiration on where to start your search…

1. Who is this ‘Man In The Mirror’?

Michael Jackson’s unique look was something that set him apart from everybody else (especially when combined with his endless supply of talent!). However, it would appear that he wasn’t one of a kind after all…

2. He clearly doesn’t own any ‘Mirrors’

It was hard to distinguish what teenage girls in the ’90s loved most, Justin Timberlake or instant noodles? Or, how about both combined?

3. Chocolate confusion

It’s easy to forget what we look like from behind. Unless you have access to a mirror which exposes every inch, but luckily there are always those on hand who are happy to remind you…