We have all made mistakes when it comes around to getting intimate with someone. Caught in the heat of the moment, we have all been guilty of indulging in something we would live to regret. However, it is unlikely that anyone has done anything that could rival these sensational stories…

If you thought that people having sex with their friend’s mother or father (or both) was only applicable to farfetched television shows or teen movies then you’re very much mistaken. It appears that Stiffler’s Mom inspired women around the world after she rose to fame for being the woman who the word ‘MILF’ was coined.

But before you think it’s just confined to moms, think again because dads (or DILFs) are just as bad, if not worse, as BuzzFeed discovered when they asked people to reveal their most outrageous stories involving sex with a parent…

1. Dad v. Daughter

“I slept with my best friend’s dad when I was 22. My friend, who had recently come out, invited me to play pool with her and her dad at their house. Her dad and I flirted like crazy that night, but I ended up just going home. About an hour later, she invited me over for a drink, but for some reason she never came out of her room, so I just drank with her dad. I thought it was a set-up. The dad put on his moves, and we slept together. The next morning, my friend was pissed. Turned out she always had a thing for me. We haven’t talked since.”

2. Big Daddy

“My best friend’s boyfriend is nicknamed Big Dick Nick. To be honest, Big Dick Nick’s dad is pretty hot. One time I got nice and liquored up at their house for a picnic, and that’s when it happened. The dad and I had a 25-year age difference, but he had a dick like a Monster can! The lube he used gave me a blistering rash all over my body for three days, but I went back to him the following week, and we did it again. He’s saved in my phone as Big Dick Dad!”

3. Fun for all the family

“I was on Grindr, and a bi/married couple hit me up. I was all about it, since I’m bi myself. We exchanged nudes, planned to meet, and talked about fantasies and what we wanted to do. By this point, we hadn’t exchanged full-frontal selfies, so I didn’t know what they looked like. Then they sent a pic of themselves. Turned out they were family friends from ages ago. He was a best man at my parents’ wedding. There are even pictures of them holding me as a toddler. Needless to say, I told my parents and they laughed for the next year. We still talk about it.”