With 2018 just starting, there’s no doubt many of us have made the New Year’s resolution of eating healthier, exercising more and losing a few pounds from the waistline.

However, anyone who has made the decision to embark on their personal weight loss journey will know just how difficult it is to even initiate it, let alone to continue your intensive workouts at the gym for a long period of time.

But while it may be a difficult process, it’s nothing short of inspiring and rewarding when you start seeing incredible results.

Working at increasing your fitness level by strengthening the muscles in your body improves your self-esteem and the motivation you have in other areas of your life.

The best way of going about it is to document your progress in the form of photographs. That way you’ll be reminded of how far you’ve come which should hopefully make you feel a sense of pride.

Thirty-two-year-old photographer Jesse from China did just that, only he decided it was best not to go it alone and had the help of his loving family.

Over a period of six months, four members of the family supported one another as they made the life-changing decision to shed the pounds. And the pictures that stemmed from their efforts are absolutely incredible and inspiring.