When you make the decision to make your health and fitness a priority, you soon realize it takes a lot of hard work and determination before any noticeable results can be detected.

It’s a pretty difficult feat if you have spent most of your life not taking proper care of your body. But ultimately it’ll mean the end result will be a lot more commendable.

And like a lot of us, your New Year’s resolution is probably centered around changing your lifestyle for the better. So here are 16 before and after photos to keep you motivated as you do just that:

1. This woman has a lot to thank for her healthier, vegan lifestyle

She also achieved a healthier, more toned body by working out regularly.

2. From Obese to “Oh, damn”!

His excess fat has been replaced by muscles.

3. She used to have major insecurities 

Now she’s very comfortable in the skin she’s in.

4. She used to hide her body

Now she proudly wears tight-fitting dresses

Unfortunately, far too many people who make the decision to lose weight, give up long before they’ve seen any substantial results. They become overwhelmed by the difficulty of changing their lifestyle for the better, and soon begin to pick up their destructive habits once again. But without perseverance, your journey is probably dead in the water.