There are certain things in life that you just do without thinking. For example, putting on your underwear in the morning. It’s such a natural action that we don’t even stop to consider that we could be doing it wrong. In fact, the chances are that you cannot recall the color of the underwear you’re wearing right now.

According to Octavia Cannon, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, it is this blasé approach to our underwear that is putting our health at risk. Talking to Seventeen magazine, Cannon outlined six of the major causes for concern that women face when they get dressed every morning…

1. Wear cotton undies

Inspired by the Victoria’s Secret Angels, there is no doubt that your underwear drawer is full of silk and lace. But while these materials may be aesthetically pleasing, they’re not particularly healthy for our bodies.

According to Cannon, we should all wear cotton underwear instead because it’s more breathable. It is her belief that by choosing a more airy option, you can prevent infections down below.”If you choose undies made of other fabrics, select a cotton crotch whenever possible,” she recommends.

2. Always change your underwear after exercising

“Yeast and bacteria love a warm, moist, dark environment,” Dr. Cannon grimly explains, whilst warning women of the hazards connected to wearing the same underwear at the gym as in everyday life.

She warns that your gym undergarments are a breeding ground for germs to manifest, thus making your risk of infection quite high if you continue to wear the same underwear at the gym for the rest of that day.