It’s a sad fact that sometimes in this world, older people prey on much younger individuals. Men in their mid-to-late 20s are appealing to some high schoolers because they seem mature. In reality, many older men who are willing to enter into a sexual relationship with a young girl only do so because they can’t control their hebephilic tendencies.

The resulting relationship is often manipulative, destructive and ultimately doomed from the get-go.

Another sad fact of life is that the world’s full of cheaters. Thanks to apps like Tinder and Grindr, an affair is only a few clicks away. When this American woman was approached by a family with young children who’d recently moved into the neighborhood, she was shocked to learn that a sex offender lived in her home. In an even greater twist, she found out it was her husband.

”The did a search online and found out that a sex offender was in our house,” she revealed. ”I [was] shocked. I didn’t know anything about it. [My husband] just brushed it off [and tried] to say that it was something a long time ago, that it wasn’t really a big deal.”

Instead of making the logical decision to leave him, this man’s wife decided to set him up with the help of popular YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater. They sent in an 18-year-old actress who pretended to be sweet sixteen in order to prove once and for all whether or not he was not only a cheater but a hebephile (somebody attracted to pubescent children).

The video opens with the young, attractive girl approaching the woman’s husband in a park. He’s feeding geese, and she immediately begins to flirt with him. Initially, he’s perplexed by her advances, but it doesn’t take long for him to eventually give into temptation and begin to flirt back…

Whilst a lot of young girls are able to make themselves look significantly older, after pretending to be 18, this girl soon confesses her “real” age. Even if this man had been looking to cheat on his wife, this is definitely the point at which he should have told her that it was never going to happen. But he didn’t.

”I’m not 18…” the girl revealed.

”Why’d you lie then?” he asked.

”I’m actually 16, almost turning 17.”

”It’s just I…”

”Do you wanna hang out sometime?”

”I mean… I’m sort of dating someone.”

”She doesn’t have to know.”

Okay, so the fact that this guy claims that his relationship with his wife is nothing more than dating is shocking. No guy downplays the seriousness of a relationship unless they’re planning or thinking about getting it on with someone else. The girl’s suggestion is enough to prompt him to take it further.

Oh dear. Needless to say, the man’s wife could barely hold back her tears at this point in the video. He wouldn’t have asked for the girl’s number if he just wanted to be friends. In the back of his mind, he was probably hoping that she’d continue flirting with him through texts.

”I could take your number, and we could be friends. Give me your number.”

”Well make sure you text me sometime.”

However, this set up took a dramatic turn when the man and the young girl parted ways. He saw a camera attached to the back of her shorts and realized that he’d been set up. Unable to accept his fate (like the pathetic weasel he is), he began to chase after the getaway car in the vain hope that he’d be able to get the footage destroyed.

There’s no doubt his wife should have dumped him the moment she discovered that he was a registered sex offender, but even now that she had proof about what her husband was really into, she was unable to accept it and refused to answer this YouTuber’s question about whether or not it spelled the end of her marriage.

The dramatic footage has been viewed over 220,000 times on YouTube as of August 23, 2017, with viewers echoing the fact that this relationship should end.


Love, however, can make people do some crazy things, but there are admittedly few women who’d be willing to stay with a husband that they knew was a hebephile. In the wake of this disturbing incident, the couple is now receiving marriage counseling, but we all know what the real solution to this problem is…

In a healthy relationship, there are no secrets. If you discover that your partner has any disturbing skeletons in their closet, or that they don’t value your relationship enough to be faithful, it’s better to leave with your dignity, rather than trying and failing to make it work. Some people don’t deserve second chances.