As a child, some of the great lessons don’t play out in the classroom, but rather at home with friends and family.

This adorable science experiment is definitely one of those moments. Wesley Thompson set out to teach his two children, Gunnar and Harley, about some of nature’s greatest feats. In the process, the family set out to experience metamorphosis first hand as they helped a tiny caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly.

But after weeks of keeping their new pet in a bug cage, it was finally time to set it free into the real world.

So as Dad took off the lid and prepared for the butterfly to soar into the sky, the pretty bug had other plans.

Our buggy pal wasn’t ready to say goodbye to his temporary family, so instead of going out to explore the world, it took up residence on little Gunnar’s face. His reaction is really one for the books, folks!


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