Following a heavy snowfall, most families can’t wait to play around in the fluffy white and maybe bond over a snowman or two. But for the Lequire family, large amounts of snow mean it’s time to build the greatest igloo you’ve ever seen.

Winter Storm Grayson left much of the east coast buried under several inches of snow, but for Chris Lequire and his family, the 10 inches they received in Old Lyme, Connecticut, would be plenty of building material for their annual igloo. For the last five years, Lequire and his children have transformed one spot on their lawn into a home away from home, and each year the towering igloo gets bigger and bigger.

Lequire circles the yard with the snowblower, making it easier to gather the snow into one place.

Then with the pile formed into the desired shape, the kids dig their way inside, helping to shape the walls and re-stack the snow on the outside for added support.

This year’s igloo might just be their most ambitious project yet. The Lequires added a built-in fireplace into this year’s design and even incorporated a few strings of working lights.

This is one snow home you won’t want to miss. Check it out below:

(via Daily Mail)

It’s so awesome to see this dad getting the whole family involved and making their own fun without having to rely on technology. I can’t wait to see what next year’s design has in store!


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