Countless inexplicable sightings have been reported throughout history. Whether they’ve been of ghosts, ghouls, or a particularly unusual set of flashing lights in the night sky. Now that we live in the age of photography, these sightings have become even more common.

In most cases, photographs that make people look twice are the result of optical illusions, but there are others which have had people scratching their heads for years. In fact, people some have been so confused by them that they have started to believe in magic.

Here are 20 perfectly timed photographs that are so insane, they’ll make you think you’re going crazy…

1. There’s something wrong with the sky

Or, y’know, this person’s computer.

2. It’s difficult doing yoga when you’ve got two heads

Oh wait, I see it now…

3. He angered a witch

And now he’s been condemned to spend the rest of his days with a sausage for a head.

4. That dog’s torso must be setting a new world record

Or maybe he’s got another furry friend lurking behind him.

The success of Harry Potter has caused many of us to long for a little magic in our lives. The real world can, on occasion, be too mundane for words, but it turns out that you don’t need a Hogwarts’ education to be a wizard, all you need is a camera and perfect timing!