We all have something which we guiltlessly enjoy. There are those who keep it conventional with an addiction to chocolate, Netflix and shopping, and then there are those who with a more acquired taste who have strange fetishes that the rest of the world cringe at.

Fetishes may seem freaky to those who class themselves as “normal”, but in actual fact, a large majority of the population have them. Whether it be a penchant for feet, latex, morbidly obese bodies or sex in public places, there is something for everyone.

In the land of fetishes, where the imagination is allowed to run wild without fear of being judged, anything goes. Literally, anything, as Vice reports having learned of a bizarre genre of explicit entertainment which exists in the world: sea-monster porn.

So obscure is the genre, which features an actor dressed in a scaly sea monster costume, that only one man in the entire world enjoys it, according to Vice. In fact, it is this man who has demanded and paid for the erotic films to be shot.

The mystery man remains anonymous, the only trace of him being the sea creature porn films he’s commissioned from various porn studios. There are more than 100 clips from the genre available online, all featuring the same sea creature costume.