In the modern world, the closest the majority of us will ever get to going undercover is stalking an ex on social media. We’ve all been there – carefully scrolling through their timeline, sweating, aware that were are just one accidental ‘Like’ away from being exposed.

But one Jet Airways hostess recently took going undercover to a whole new level and tried to smuggle a colossal $500,000.

Terrorist incidents have increased security measures at airports. Our bags are carefully scanned and analyzed before we even board the plane. However, it is entirely possible that those who work on aircrafts are subject to less stringent security checks.

Or, as was the case for 25-year-old Devshi Kulshreshta, they know how to bypass these checks.

As an airport employee in touch with some very unscrupulous people, she learned that could get cash onto a plane undetected by wrapping it in silver foil.

It’s often said that the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry and that was certainly the case for Kulshreshta who, thanks to a security tip-off, was busted smuggling the $500,000 onboard a flight that was flying from Delhi for Hong Kong on Monday.