Now us women may think we know exactly what men are attracted to, by and large. But we might just be overestimating our knowledge in that department.

It’s not always long, blond hair and big breasts that draw men’s attention. Sometimes it’s the most random traits and tendencies that women have that make men fall head over heels in love or at least pique their interest.

Here are 20 refreshingly random things that men find attractive in women:

1. Women with small breasts

“The social thing is for girls to have huge tits, but my girlfriend has smaller ones and I find them very very attractive. Obviously, I am biased, but I think it’s the fact that she doesn’t think they’re attractive which makes me like them even more.”
And if you need any more reasons why having small breasts is actually pretty awesome, watch the video below:

2. When women brush their hair behind their ears

“When their hair gets in their face and they blow it away or brush it behind their ear.”

3. Women who are quick-witted

“When girls can talk sh*t back to me. I use sarcasm a good amount and someone who can give a quip back to me immediately has my interest.”

4. When women can’t reach things properly

“Getting on their tippy toes to reach for something”

Trust me, it gets a lot more random from here on out.