Clinical depression affects people in different ways. Many sufferers say it’s impossible for them to feel much of anything. Others describe a persistent feeling of hopelessness and despair.

Either way, one thing rings true for everyone diagnosed with the disorder — at times, it’s absolutely crippling, and there’s nothing anyone can say or do to make it better. That’s why it takes a special person to accept and understand these things about their partner and still be there for them in ways that help, even if only a little.

Imgur user RoastedIguana is clinically depressed herself, and recently had a really bad day in which she couldn’t bring herself to leave her bed, even for a quick trip to the bathroom. While it must be very difficult for her boyfriend to see her that way, his silly response couldn’t have been better.

Scroll down and read all about how her boyfriend’s growing pile of objects managed to make her laugh at a time when it seemed impossible for her to crack a smile.


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