It’s easy for those of us who just slap on the same old makeup on a daily basis to forget just how dramatically a few products can alter our appearance. In a modern form of witchcraft, a simple touch of foundation and eyeliner can make you look like a different person in less than five minutes – if applied properly.

For those who know exactly what they’re doing when it comes down to transforming their face, the possibilities are endless, but also relatively controversial if you pay attention to those who believe a heavy face of makeup is deceptive. “It’s what is on the inside that counts,” they cry, completely oblivious to the fact that makeup on the outside doesn’t alter the personality.

After all, you’ve gotta do you when it comes to makeup. Something that the following beautiful women all effortlessly prove…

1. Makeup master!

Nikki de Jager is one of YouTube’s leading beauty gurus. The Dutch-born makeup artist is helping educate people on the power of makeup, something she did effortlessly in this video which has been viewed more than 37 million times!

The 23-year-old, who believes that there “are no rules to makeup” was not shy to highlight just how different she looks under her expertly applied face – and why should she be? She looks stunning before and after!

2. Spot the difference

For those who suffer with acne, makeup is a miracle worker. Able to conceal dark, angry areas on the skin, makeup can be the ultimate confidence booster.