Sexuality is becoming more fluid as younger generations become more comfortable experimenting with their sexual identities, but not having clear boundaries in any relationship can bring up hurt, resentment, and betrayal.

For example, a cheating partner will break anyone’s heart, but when that cheating happens in a same-sex relationship with someone of the opposite sex, it brings up all sorts of questions opposite-sex couples don’t have to deal with.

What does it mean for the person’s sexuality if they had previously considered themselves to be strictly gay? And will their partner consider it cheating if it was with a member of the opposite sex?

The short answer is that cheating is always cheating no matter who it’s with unless there is a mutual agreement to an open relationship. However, unless a couple identifies as bisexual, things can get muddy when partners suddenly decide to experiment with heterosexuality.

Scroll through this list to see how 20 lesbians felt when they cheated on their partners with a man.

1. Discovering Bisexuality

It’s entirely possible for someone to be unsure of their sexuality, just make sure your partner knows how you’re feeling before exploring with someone else.

2. Discovering Men

If you’re questioning, perhaps it’s best to try both men and women before entering a monogamous relationship.

3. We Were On A Break

Okay, maybe this one is okay, though it definitely wasn’t for Ross and Rachel.

4. Cheating Hurts. Period.

It’s unclear whether she dumped her because she cheated with a man or because he was married. Hopefully both!

5. The “Lesbian”

Defining sexuality is important. It’s okay if you’re unsure, but your partner needs to know.

This next one will leave you wondering if it’s real life or an elaborate soap opera plot!