No matter how many times we all watch The Crown, there are things British people do that Americans will just never understand. I mean seriously, what the heck actually is “bubble and squeak”?

The two countries really aren’t so different. Americans have grilled cheese while Brits have toasties, Americans love Jeopardy while Brits love Countdown, Americans have Julia Child while Brits have Mary Berry, and both countries speak the same language… technically.

Though I guarantee only one country understands what a “chin-wag” is.

Here are 16 things that British people do that confuse the hell out of Americans:

1. Cricket

When a British person says “let’s all go down to the cricket pitch”, Americans are going to be like: Cricket? Pitch?

Okay, so this is the equivalent of saying let’s go down to the football field. Apparently, in the UK, fields are only for sheep while pitches are for sports. So if a pitch is a field, does that mean cricket is like football?

No. No, it does not, and I couldn’t tell you what it is like. I’m not really sure anyone can.

2. Putting Washing Machines In The Kitchen

Why are there no laundry rooms in Britain? Everyone just stuffs a teeny tiny washing machine into their kitchen and brings their dirty socks and underwear into the place where they cook food.

Also, where is the dryer? In a country where it rains so much, why does everyone put up with waiting three days for clothes to air dry on racks?

3. Not Tipping Bar Staff

So this one is kind of nice. When visiting the UK, you just have to pay for the actual cost of your drink and don’t have to worry about having change to leave for a tip. And don’t feel bad about stiffing the bartender, because you’re not. They actually get paid well as opposed to some wait staff in the US.

4. Juicy Bits

Americans have two options for orange juice: with pulp and without pulp. Brits, however, don’t have pulp, they have “juicy bits”. I suppose it does sound a little more appetizing!

If you thought that was weird, wait until you see what a “cheeky Nando’s” is!