It’s no secret ladies like a well-dressed man with good manners who can pick up the check and preferably knows how to dance. Bonus points if he’s got deep blue eyes and a killer smile.

Okay, sometimes a woman’s wishlist seems like a lot to ask, but there are plenty of other things that make a woman go crazy for a guy that totally make up for less than stellar moves on the dance floor.

Check out our top 15 unexpected things that most women secretly look for in a man:

1. He Knows His Coffee

Or more specifically, he knows how to make one for his girl. It’s totally a turn on when a woman wakes up and her guy is already making coffee for both of you. Even though he only takes sugar, he’s also got the milk out because he knows that’s how you like yours.

2. He Loves Animals

Nothing is cuter than a guy cuddling with a puppy! Bonus if it’s his girl’s puppy. Seriously, guys, you’ll score major points with your mate if you love her pets, too.

3. Hugs From Behind

Every woman loves this. Regardless of if she’s washing the dishes, waiting in a line, or folding her laundry, giving her a big hug from behind and wrapping your arms around her waist is super sexy. You can always add a little kiss on the cheek, too.

4. When He Plans The Date

It’s hot when a man takes the initiative to make the evening’s plans. Sometimes a girl just wants to relax and let her man make the decisions.

5. When He Goes Down

Sex should always be about both parties being satisfied, but a woman loves it when a guy goes down on her and doesn’t expect any sexual favors in return.

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