We all have very different habits when it comes down to how we sleep. Some of us can only sleep on Egyptian cotton, while others feel uncomfortable lying on any sheets that don’t have a satisfactory thread count. There are those that prefer to read in bed before turning the light out and those who fall asleep to the sound of music. When it comes down to our personal preferences we are all creatures of bizarre habits.

However, when it comes down to our bedroom attire we’re all firmly split into two camps. Those who do and those who don’t wear pajamas. In fact, you may be surprised to learn how divided the nation is over clothing in bed. Despite the pretty pajama sets you see in the store, a lot of people chose to go nude while they sleep.

If you’re a pajama wearing citizen then you may be confused as to why people would opt to go stark naked in bed. Isn’t it unhygienic? What happens if there is a fire? Or an intruder? What happens if the children have a nightmare and innocently hop into bed with you?

While those points are all valid, there are many arguments to support shedding your kit in the comfort of your own bedroom. Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider wearing your birthday suit to bed…