Marines sacrifice a lot as they protect and serve our nation. In the United States, anyone over the age of 16 can join the military, and many brave people serve our country for a number of years before pursuing a career in another field.

One of these people is 29-year-old Shannon Ihrke, from Minnesota, pictured in the middle of the photograph below.

Shannon joined the military when she was just 19 years old and spent four years on active duty before retiring from service.

As a young woman, Shannon revealed that she had to work hard to prove that she was able to make the cut for the military, which puts its recruits through physically and mentally draining training. She subsequently landed a job as an administrative specialist.

After leaving the military, Shannon decided to pursue a different career, and now she is making waves around the world as a model. Her time in the military left her with a jaw-dropping physique and she is featured below showing it off for a photoshoot.

As a result of her incredible looks and past, Shannon’s photographs have now gone viral online.

“I want to show girls that they can do and be whoever they want to be if they work at it hard enough,” she said.