When you hear the term “K-9” you probably think of dogs working with police to protect and serve their communities. But for K-9 Piper, his work was at the airport.

If you were ever lucky enough to travel through the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan, you might have been able to catch a glimpse of this beloved pup. But if not, chances are you might have been one of the million-plus followers keeping tabs on the pooch across his social media accounts. Piper began his on-the-job training at the airport back in 2015 with his partner Brian Edwards by his side for all three years of service.

This pooch’s job was to make sure wildlife was chased off of the runways to keep passengers and animals safe.

The need for a K-9 position was so dire at this airport that the Federal Aviation Administration required it have a special Wildlife Hazard Management Plan.

Piper was part of an integral team!

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