Being able to define depression in its entirety is a very difficult, if not impossible, task. And that’s because it is a condition which is very varied in terms of its symptoms and in terms of the way it affects people.

There are also numerous forms of depression and often these ‘categories’ overlap, leaving sufferers with a hotchpotch of debilitating symptoms.

However, one thing’s for sure and that’s that this devastating illness makes sufferers lose all sense of hope and seems to eradicate the mere prospect of happiness in their lives.

Take a read of the following stories shared by people who know firsthand how draining and crippling it is to live with a mental health condition like depression:

1. There is seemingly no real solution

“The weight is a physical reaction to all of the uncontrolled irrational thinking. The more irrational thinking the heavier the weight becomes making me need to lay down. The more laying down the more irrational thinking and sleep I think I need to escape it. Then the harder it is to do the smallest tasks.”

2. Your body becomes a prison

“It’s like being trapped inside your own body; your body is your prison and you can’t escape. You are literally living inside of this cell that houses your organs.”

3. You feel totally empty inside

“Emptiness. Complete and total emptiness. Like there’s nothing inside of you; no heart, no emotion, no energy, no life – nothing.”

4. You feel incapable of dealing with your depression

“Unbearable at times.”

The symptoms described by the following sufferers of depression get a lot more heartwrenching from here on out. Sufferers feel physical pain as well as mental and emotional pain, and it can feel hellishly overwhelming at times.