We are all guilty of falling asleep in the strangest of places. It doesn’t matter if it was influenced by a busy schedule or we’ve had a bit too much to drink, the human body cannot resist slinking into a slumber.

But while we are all victims of a peculiar nap, it doesn’t make it any less funny to see a stranger snoozing in an odd place. Naturally, as we do with every situation in the modern world, pictures are taken of the unfortunate moment that your head begins to nod and suddenly a snapshot of you slack-jawed and droopy-eyes are available for all to see.

That is exactly what happened to the following unfortunate snoozers, all of whom have some rather quirky sleeping habits…

1. Rockabye baby roadside

Sleeping on the roadside is a perilous activity in itself. But crafting a makeshift hammock dangerously close to a highway essentially suicidal.

2. Balancing act

What are friends for? To build you up and make you feel good about yourself? No, don’t be stupid. They exist to make your life a living hell.

3. Library lie down

A study session in the library comes complimentary with a brief nap, no matter how dedicated you are to your essays. You have to balance your exam preparations with a little care for your body, mind, and soul – although it’s safe to say that this guy’s spine probably isn’t enjoying this brief break.