When you’re in a relationship, there are certain things that are expected of you. You’re expected to compromise, to be open and honest and most importantly, to keep your promises.

Unfortunately, keeping certain promises can end up being an almost impossible feat.

The thing is we often overestimate ourselves and think that we are capable of keeping a certain promise until we inevitably fall flat on our faces.

And that’s something that many men in relationships can relate to.

Take a read of the following confessions by men who made promises to their girlfriends, only to break them soon afterward:

1. A broken promise that will eventually break them up for good

He was probably hoping that she would conform to that classic stereotype that all women have some kind of inherent maternal instinct. It turns out this particular woman doesn’t…

2. A true double whammy

I’m hoping he hooked up with them after he and his girlfriend broke up. But then again, if he did the dirty while he was still with his girl, it’ll be a sick story for the grandkids. Just not their grandkids.

3. As the age-old adage goes: boys will be boys

Unfortunately, he didn’t reveal what happened after she found him passed out in her garden with sick all over him. It was probably brutal…