If you frequent Instagram pretty often, you’ll probably recognize Louboutina, the adorable golden retriever with a penchant for giving out hugs.

This sweet pup shot to social media stardom when her dad, Cesar, started sharing photos of her embracing strangers on the streets of New York City. Louboutina has since amassed quite the following, even making appearances on a number of TV shows. Life’s been pretty good for the cuddly celebrity, but on Christmas Day this year, she and Cesar lost everything in a freak accident.

While Cesar and Louboutina were taking a walk that morning, their neighbor’s apartment caught fire and spread to theirs.

While it’s amazing that they’re both safe, all of their worldly possessions — including their home — were destroyed.

Now the two are homeless and living out of a hotel room. Cesar is thankful that they stayed out of harm’s way, but he’s understandably devastated at the loss.

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