It’s the highlight of any child’s trip to the museum: checking out those sweet, sweet dino fossils.

While we may never have co-existed with the dinosaurs, there’s no denying that children go absolutely crazy for them. Whether you played with dinosaur toys or stayed up late at night watching every “Land Before Time” movie, people are dino-crazy. And if you’re a paleontologist in your own mind, you probably know of Dippy the dinosaur. This giant critter is one of the most well-known dinos ever, but did you know it’s been hiding an error in plain sight?

Dippy the dinosaur is one of the most popular skeletal attractions that has traveled the world, but as he prepared to take up residence in the U.K., he required a major cosmetic correction that forced him to take a pitstop in Canada.

Experts at Toronto’s Natural History Museum are preparing to correct an anatomic mistake that was made when Dippy was first put together. The team will be responsible for removing Dippy’s front feet and replacing them with hands.

Dippy, who’s a Diplodocus that lived more than 156 million years ago, was first assembled in London in 1905, but when the time came to construct the massive beast, his front feet went missing.


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