When you think about orchestral instruments, you probably think about the symphony, the opera, or classical music.

And while that’s primarily where you’ll see instruments like the cello, musicians over the years have adapted the form to create something new. The duo 2CELLOS, for instance, has been playing covers of popular music combined with old-school fare, for years now.

In that spirit, two teenage boys taught to play the cello by their grandfather appeared on America’s Got Talent, and no one was expecting what they were about to play.

The judges look genuinely shocked as the Jimi Hendrix song starts to play, and it’s hard to believe all that sound is coming out of just their dueling cellos.


Youtube / Anthony Ying

Amazing job, boys! They’ve definitely got a long career ahead of them, and they even linked up with 2CELLOS after the show in an awesome live performance you can watch here.


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