Dogs brighten up our lives in so many ways. It’s really no surprise, then, why we love them so much.

We show affection to our pups in a lot of different ways, as do our furry companions for us. But have you ever wondered what exactly their “love language” is and how you can speak it? While for many of us, baby talk, cuddling, petting and even giving our dogs kisses are our go-tos for showing how much we care, here are five surefire ways we can translate our adoration into actions they understand.

1. Gaze into your dog’s eyes. While it’s important to remember not to stare into just any dog’s eyes, as they might interpret this as a threat or challenge, your pup will appreciate it because he trusts you and is comfortable with such intimacy. In fact, Dr. Brian Hare, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University, has said when your dog is staring at you, he’s basically “hugging you with his eyes.”

2. Raise your eyebrows while looking at your dog. As reported by iHeartDogs, a 2013 Japanese study published in the journal Behavioural Processes found that dogs raised their eyebrows — particularly the left one — when their owners greeted them. When greeted by strangers, they displayed significantly less facial activity. So if dogs raise their eyebrows to express happiness at seeing their owners, they’ll likely understand you’re happy to see them if you do the same!

3. Share your bed with them. Letting your dogs sleep with you makes them not only feel like a part of the pack, so to speak, but it’s also a sign of complete trust, as you and your dog are at your most vulnerable.

4. Lean on them. If you have a particularly affectionate dog, you may have noticed they’ll lean up against you while you’re standing next to them. This is their way of hugging you, so it only makes sense that they interpret you pressing your weight gently against them as reciprocation.

5. Keep doing you. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Your pup loves you exactly as you are and knows your behavior well, so keep being yourself and show him you love him in the usual ways. Just tack on these tips to make him feel extra special.

(via iHeartDogs)

If you already do some of these things, how do your dogs respond? And in what ways have you noticed your pup showing you some love? Be sure to let us know in the comments.


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