In the world of nail designs, the possibilities are pretty much endless, especially when you take a do-it-yourself approach.

Many women love getting their nails done with gems, rhinestones, and other small objects embedded into the polish, while others get a little more creative to make theirs stand out. But as Redditor rinvevo demonstrates below, just because you can pull off a unique design, it doesn’t always mean you should.

For her DIY manicure, she decided to take a little inspiration from the Mesozoic Era and get downright nasty. She found (or killed) a crane fly, but instead of tossing it in the trash, she saved it for a special project…

Disgustingly enough, she placed it on her nail to be encased in “amber,” which was actually acrylic gel.

No one can deny this is definitely a creative approach…

…but the only question that comes to my mind is, well, why?! Also, yuck.

There you have it, my friends. That’s how you can create your own dead insect nails. She’s going to make all her dinosaur friends so jealous. Sorry, I had to.

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