Grief is a powerful emotion, and it can make us do things we wouldn’t normally do.

From pets to human loved ones, loss hits everyone differently. Most choose to use their grief to honor their loved one in some way, whether that’s memorializing them, scattering ashes, or working to change laws if they died due to something preventable. Others express their grief online for others to see and find comfort in speaking to a counselor or others who have gone through the same situation.

Still, grief knows no bounds, and one woman in the UK is causing controversy due to her plans to eat her mother’s ashes.

Debra Parsons plans to scatter her mother’s ashes over each part of her Christmas dinner and consume them this holiday in order to feel as though her mother is living on through her.

Her mother, Doreen, passed away in May, and her daughter has been grief-stricken ever since. It’s not the only tragedy to befall Parsons, who lost a child at Christmas in 1996.

Parsons says she’s had “a small spoonful” of the ashes most days and claims this is the only thing that will help her get through the first holiday without her mother.

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