While most people can’t function without a cup or two of coffee, my daily caffeine intake of choice is a nice, warm cup of tea.

With the winter weather in full swing, there’s nothing I enjoy more after combatting the snowy commute than rummaging through the office supply of tea bags and picking out my favorite flavors to help warm my cold, dead soul.

However, while most of us wouldn’t think twice about taking a tea break during the work day, a new study has ruined my favorite beverage forever by declaring that my steaming cup of tea might not be as refreshing as I once thought. In fact, you’re better off sticking your lips on the office toilet.

According to a study conducted by Initial Washroom Hygiene, your office teabags contain 17 times more germs than a toilet seat because everything hurts and life is pain.

The study sought out to analyze the bacteria readings of utensils and appliances.

The average toilet seat contains 220 germs, whereas the number of germs found on an office teabag was 3,785.


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