A little-known fact about me is that I once worked at a McDonald’s restaurant when I was 15 years old. There’s a reason this is a little-known fact, and that’s because I try not to tell ANYONE. This may seem a little harsh – after all, a lot of hard-working and decent people work at fast food chains, but that doesn’t stop them getting a bad reputation.

Yes, no matter how old you are or your reason for working in the fast food industry, people working the fryers are often looked down upon and seen as “stupid”. You could be working at the local Burger King just to put yourself through college, but people will still look down on you and shout in your face for extra cheese on their Whoppers.

So why is this? Well, it could be because of people like this woman.

Cell phone footage has recently surfaced on social media showing a Baltimore Checkers employee in the stages of assembling a customer’s order. However, baited by her fellow employees and the camera, she takes one half of the burger bun, rubs it on the dirty floor (take it from me, those greasy floors become filthy over a shift), and proceeds to complete the order and send the burger to the pass.

Throughout the video, the disgraced employee can be heard laughing, as her male coworker recording the incident repeats, “Oh my God”.

In another audacious act, she can then be heard saying “Merry Christmas”.

Check out the footage for yourself:

Will you be ordering takeout anytime soon?