As we settle in by the fire and enjoy unwrapping gifts with our loved ones, it’s important that we keep in mind not everyone has a home to go to this Christmas.

One family of five in Greeley, Colorado, was destined to spend the holiday on a cold, broken down bus if not for the incredible generosity of others. Olivia, her partner, and her three children have spent the last few months homeless, living in a bus with no electricity and not much food. They didn’t have anything to look forward to this season. Then another family changed their lives for the better.

While it’s hard enough for adults to live like this, Olivia had a five-year-old, a one-year-old, and a tiny, one-month-old baby to worry about. That’s where the Kinchs came in. Virginia Kinch and her family from Longmont have been doing their part to help the homeless however they can, and did so for this family in a huge way.

They first met the family while handing out food on Thanksgiving. They were shocked by their living arrangements, especially by how young the children were. “We fed them and went home and cried,” Kinch said. “And decided that we needed to do something.”

As it turns out, the Kinchs had an old house they’d intended to sell or rent out — but they found a much better purpose for it.

They returned to the bus, where they told the family they could stay in the house — which they’d furnished, stocked with food and even filled with toys — rent free until they could get back on their feet.

Learn more about their amazing act of kindness below.


Words can’t accurately describe what I’m sure this gesture meant to the family. Now they not only have a place to stay, but a warm, cozy home for the holidays.

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