You’d be lying if you said you’d never dreamed of winning the lottery. No doubt you already know exactly what you’d spend the cash on. Now, imagine that that dream came true. You’d be ecstatic, right?

For one young man, known as “Jimsy”, from Glasgow, Scotland, this dream became a reality when he held his friend’s winning scratchcard, having excitedly scratched it himself. The winnings? £250,000 (around $330,000).

Immediately after discovering the win, the young lad begins to negotiate with his friend on how they’d split the fortune. Clearly excited, “Jimsy” demands £100,000 for his contribution in scratching the card, only to see his colleagues aren’t sharing his excitement.

Confused, he continues to rave about the win. “No word of a lie, that’s a winner,” he says, totally dumbfounded by his luck.

“I actually might be sick,” the young lad says as his colleagues begin to crease with laughter as an oblivious Jimsy shows everyone and anyone the winning ticket.

But, before Jimsy can celebrate too hard, one of his colleagues reveals the bad news. “It’s a fake ticket, mate. It’s a fake ticket,” he says through his mirth.

Crestfallen, Jimsy can hardly believe the tomfoolery he has just been victim to. “That’s bad, man,” he replies, a clear look of hurt on his face, which had been bright with excitement only a few seconds prior.

The cruel video quickly went viral online, but many didn’t see the funny side. After racking up 38,000 views, the clip was inundated with comments from people who thought it “cruel” and mean-spirited.

But, what do you think? Does Jimsy deserve better?